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Days 312-314/365: Home and Away

I am home again after a couple of work related days away in Liverpool. Sadly I had no time to explore Liverpool and take interesting photos. All I have to offer from day 312 are a few quick hotel room shots. I brought the Lensbaby along as it is small and I thought that I might capture more interesting pictures than I would with the 50mm. There is no doubt that none of these photos would have been taken if it weren't for the 365 - and that would have been okay!

Looking at this coke can photo now, I wonder if I could have changed the angle to find some leading lines using the window frame. 

This was the view from my hotel window. I wish that I had managed to get the Liverpool Lime Street sign in focus. I would have switched to a different aperture disc if I had brought them. 

I was very tired when I returned home last night and nearly forgot to take any pictures at all. I had to get out of bed to snap these two. 

We were almost back to reality today (day 314) but Bear was rather clingy after me being away. We spent most of the day inside the house. I wasn't much in the mood to make any effort with my photos. 

Fingers crossed I feel more enthusiastic about photography tomorrow.