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Days 304-306: Another Year Wiser...

Whoops, I fell off the radar again. It has been an eventful week for me because it was my birthday on Wednesday (day 304). Sadly I had to go to work but my day started off really well with cards and singing from the kids followed by breakfast in bed. I was blown away by my presents from my husband. Not one, but TWO new lenses. I am now the very excited owner of a Canon 100mm and a Lensbaby Composer. The next 60 days of this project should be an absolute dream. It was so frustrating to have to leave my camera behind and head off to a very busy day at work. 

I got home late but everyone was keen to have some of my delicious Hummingbird Rainbow cake before bed. Let me be clear that this cake was made by the Hummingbird Bakery and not by me. I could never make this wonderful cake!

Once the kids were in bed, I had a little play with my Lensbaby...

and my new 100mm macro lens. I need to do some research on macro photography. First and foremost I need to get a tripod sorted. It sure is fun though. 

Both my husband and I took Thursday off to spend some time together in London. Naturally I brought my 100mm along. I also brought my 50mm just in case I got frustrated by being pulled in so close to things, but it wasn't an issue. It was so much fun to be able to look at things a bit closer and get compositions that wouldn't be possible with my other lenses. 

The highlight of our day was a trip to the Victoria and Albert Museum to see the Alexander McQueen exhibition. The exhibition was mind blowing and amazing, but sadly photography was not allowed. I wasn't surprised though and I enjoyed getting these shots from other parts of the museum. 

This was a light made out of dandelion heads. Just wow!

Replica of a jellyfish encased in glass with bubbles. 

A mesmerising display of sand/salt being poured like a spirograph. 

Interesting sculpture.

These were hugely popular recent Lego sets depicting women in interesting jobs. These sets were made after Lego received complaints about how they portrayed women. They were massivly successful. Hopefully Lego have turned a corner on this one.  

We finished off our day with a nice walk around London and a meal. I was very pleased to get this photo of the diving golden women in Leicester Square. I have loved it for years. 

It was back to business as usual today (day 306). I had some fun with my Lensbaby and took some  pretty doll photos. 

In other news, Bear got some new shoes and the lens did a nice job capturing her moment. 

It has been a great birthday week. I have so many photography books and tutorials that I want to read. In a way it feels sad that this project is drawing to a close. It is intense but it has ensured that I have kept moving forward.