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Days 302-303/365: Fun in the Forest

We went to our local forest this May bank holiday. My husband and the boys love the Go-Ape challenge there and of course it is always good to get outdoors. I have about a million photos to chose from for day 302. It is hard to choose, so lets start with some business. 

I took this one for the 52 project. The prompt is Clean. 

The image falls short because Bear's elbow is cut out. It would have been better if one of us had changed our position slightly. I was standing on the bath with the camera held way above my head, so  I am happy to have even got this one remotely in focus.

I also took a doll photo that I am pleased with. Roo helped to set it up.

Right, back to the forest...

I think that it is fair to say that the boys had an amazing time! I am impressed by how well the Tamron managed here. Most of these photos are cropped. Also, I don't have any comparison but I think that  editing that massive blown sky was made easier now that I am shooting in RAW. I am not sure that the difference is quite as huge as I was expecting, but it is there. 

Apart from Go-Ape, there were a ton of fun playgrounds too. 

And of course, we all enjoyed just hanging out in the forest. 

I got Roo to take this one. I need to ask the boys to take photos more often. 

I didn't have the time to edit the 200 or so photos that I took yesterday and saved it until after work today - day 303. I just captured a couple of Bear with her dolls before bath.