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Day 299/365: Freelensing Friday

I wanted to take some doll pictures today and felt in the mood for a little freelensing. I am still getting the hang of this technique so the results are mixed. None the less, I love the creative element to freelensing. It is cool that you don't ever quite know what you are going to get.

This first one was with a my Tamron securely fastened to the camera body.

Then I switched to the 50mm, got all my settings right and then took it off again. I snapped away while manually holding the lens to the body while focusing as best I could. I just love the dreamy effect it gives. 

I managed to catch a few of Bear too. 


  1. My Canon lens was tack before I freelensed, but after freelensing, I noticed that the focus was off in a few photos -- front/back focusing. I'm not sure if that's because I'm using a small aperture and the subject moves, or that it's front focusing. Several shots I have my subject still and the focus is still off. Can you break your lens freelensing?

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