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Day 300/365: Bluebells

Day 300!! Seriously? Day 300!!

Sorry but it just had to be said. Wow!

It is bluebell season around these parts and naturally I was keen to get some pretty photos. There are a few good places to go bluebell spotting around here so really we are spoilt for choice. We went somewhere new today and it was amazing. We will certainly go here again.

The trip started out with some tears and general misery from Bear. She is 2 after all...

Thankfully, she soon picked up and the kids had a great time running about and being silly.

We have a few bluebell pictures from last year. I won't bore you with them here but I am so much happier with this year's images. I really do think that I might be seeing some progress. I would seriously hope so after 300 days of obsessive photography and reading...