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Day 320/365: Hazy Lazy Bedtime

It is Friday and I am pooped.

I took some photos of the boys just before bed. I used my Tamron and I have to say that the focus seems so poor now after using my Canon 100mm lens. I guess that the shutter speed needed to be higher than 1/80. Perhaps it was also the strong backlighting that was making it hard for the lens to find enough contrast to automatic focus. There is also a lot of haze in some of these pictures. I am undecided about how I feel about that.

I really love that last photo of the boys. I am gutted that Rexy is not more in focus. 

This has not been such a great photography week. 


  1. Keep it up and don't be so dispondent - I'd kill to be able to take photos like these.


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