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Day 327/365: Skater Boy

It was the last day of half term and Roo had a skateboarding lesson. He was very excited to have this opportunity because he got his skateboard for his birthday almost 2 years ago and we rarely take it out. Rexy could have joined in too, and a lot of his classmates were there, but he didn't fancy it this time around. 

A year ago I would have felt self conscious about whipping the big girl camera out in front of the other mums, but I'm past that now. No one even batted an eyelid! I used the 100mm. The problem with this lens is that it puts all my other lenses to shame. All of these photos are cropped and yet I am still very happy with the sharpness. 

Roo loved his lesson and will jump at the chance to do it again. I think that Rexy will join him next time. It was very nicely run and he really enjoyed the time with the "experts" He as learnt some new moves and was very keen to tell me all about them. 

It makes a nice change from Minecraft. 

Luckily for the rest of us the lessons were held in a nice park with a good playground. Rexy ran off with some of his friends and Bear had a lovely time too. She made a new friend called Iris, they played happily in the sand pit for a while, and now she tells me that she is her "best friend". 

Mr almost pre-teen Roo had a playdate this afternoon and the rest of us took it easy. Rexy played some computer games and Bear and I did some painting. 

Any now the weekend has really begun.