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Day 1: Introducing my 365 Project.

So this is primarily a 365 project. I won't go into much detail about myself right now, but I imagine that more will be revealed as I go along this journey. I have a life long fascination of photography that was passed on to me by my Dad.

In fact, I have a number of life long interests that have never got off the ground for one reason or another... but I have a pretty good camera and one decent lens and I am determined to learn how to use them better. I am also a mum with three kids. Two boys aged 7 and 5 and a girl aged 2. I also have a part time job as a psychologist, and I collect dolls! You might be seeing some of them from time to time. They make good photography subjects. My kids keep me pretty busy, so already I am daunted by the commitment of this project.

I have been tinkering around with my camera for ages but yesterday I stumbled across the most amazing website - Click it Up a Notch by Courtney Slazinik. The photography advice Courtney offers is amazing and it was the final push I needed to get me started on this project. I really hope that I get to finish it.

So without further adieu, lets get this party started.

The first thing is that I have to publish one photo a day. A photo that I have taken in manual mode (gulp!). I have occasionally settled my twisty dial on the M position but I always become overwhelmed and frustrated pretty quickly.  I am proud to say that I have mostly moved beyond the programmed modes and usually linger around the aperture or SS priority options.

Now, I have been randomly dipping into Courtney's blog over the past 24 hours and so many brilliant words of advice have been filling my head. I haven't fully processed or made sense of them yet, so I think that I might need to use this as a space to do that. She gives fantastic tips like:

1. Find the light first, and then the subject
2. Get to know where the light falls within your house at different times of the day
3. Learn about white balance. How to use Kelvin for white balance - (I don't even know what that means yet!)
4. Clear the clutter out of the frame
5. Shoot from three different angles
6. Get some good lenses
7. Some great tips for getting a sharp image
6. Critique your own work ....

What do you like about the image?
1. Do you like the light?
2. Do you like the emotion you captured?
3. Do you find the composition interesting?

What do you not like about the image?
1. Is there something you find distracting?
2. Is the image underexposed or overexposed?
3. Do you have a clear subject and connection with viewer?

Yep, I getting that overwhelmed feeling again, so I will stop there.

Let's look at a picture I took today. Can I just say straight off the bat that I don't like this picture much. The little man wasn't in the mood and everything was a bit rushed. That's life with family photography I guess.

I was interested in how the light fell on the wheat field and wanted to capture it. I found the light first. Yay for me :)
The composition definitely could have been better but there wasn't enough time to play around. The husband and kids were shouting at me to hurry up. Sigh!
I don't know enough about exposure yet.

That's all I have time for today. The husband is waiting with cocktails and Gone with the Wind on DVD. Story for another day.

I am open to comments, if anyone is reading.

ISO 100; SS 1/250; f/5.6