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Day 3: Concentration

I found the project tough going today - and it's only day 3! The kids and I were searching all over the house for some light but no matter where we settled I had to keep cranking up that ISO to 1600 or above. We were all tired after a long day at work and school. As hard as it was today, I am thinking that the winter months will be very challenging. I need to get a better handle the basics of shooting in manual. Looks like I will be doing some research this weekend. Anyway after many pictures, acrobatics to find a good composition and an exhausted left eye from squeezing it shut.... this is what we got.

ISO 400; SS 1/50; f/2.8

Just look at how low that shutter speed is! I cannot seem to get it much higher without racking up on the ISO.  At this point, the only thing I feel I am progressing on is finding more interesting light. There is a long long way to go.

Like many households across the world, we have been invaded by loom bands. My boys really love them and I love how much effort and concentration they put into making stuff. We are all working at improving our skills - with a little help from YouTube here and there. Roo is making a "tooth" here. I don't know what that means exactly. 

We only have two weeks left of school. The boys found out who there new teachers are for next year. Exciting stuff!