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Day 4: Permission to be Imperfect

I couldn't sleep last night so I decided to do some reading. Given my frustration yesterday, I decided to do some research on the basics of shooting in manual. A quick Google search brought me straight back to Courtney Slazinik at Click it up a Notch. I read over this very easy to understand tutorial on How to Shoot in Manual - the Basics. It helped me to feel that I am not way off track with what I am doing so far. I loved how some of the numbers on her photos don't adhere to the "rules" either :)

Then, as if I wasn't loving Courtney enough, I received this tutorial in my mailbox today - 8 Tips to Take a Sharp Photo

The cherry on the cake is this one - 11 Tips for Completing a Project 365

Thanks Courtney. I seriously couldn't do it without you! 

My favourite tips in this article were:

- there are no rules (I can use my phone camera if I can't manage the DSLR some days)
- taking a photo or more a day will make you a better photographer
- connect with others who have done this project (working on this)
- it's ok to miss a day 

It is crazy to get all stressed out about the project already. Reading Courtney's advice has encouraged me to relax and enjoy it. As I tell my kids all the time "mistakes are part of learning" and "practice makes better". We don't strive for perfection in our house. It is exhausting and leaves me with the desire to quit before I even get started! 

Here is my imperfect photo for today. I took it first thing in the morning before I left for work. 

ISO 800; SS 1/50; f/3.2

I also want to include this one of Rexy. I took it a couple of nights ago, just before bed. It keeps coming back to me because it captures his mood so well. He is an intense little guy who is keeping us on our toes right now!

ISO 200; SS 1/25; f/2.8