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Day 12: Crawling towards the holidays

My poor boys are exhausted and desperate for school to break up for the summer. In fact, we are all ready for a break. School certainly is winding down now and the boys have had lots of fun activities today like a book fair and a whole class water pistol fight!

I have stumbled across some good tutorials today. I read them but still need to fully grasp the concepts in them. I am slowly getting a feel for the relationship between shutter speed, aperture and ISO. I found this tutorial useful and I loved the analogy of exposure being like filling a glass of water.

This  follow on tutorial from the same source was also very good but went a bit beyond me and my exhausted brain. I will need to set aside time to read it again. I still get confused about which direction is higher/lower in shutter speed and aperture. The tutorial states that:

"Shutter speeds are expressed as fractions of a second, so 1/50 is a longer period of time than 1/200. However, when people say “higher shutter speeds,” they’re referring to the faster shutter speed, not mathematically higher numbers. So even though 1/50 is greater than 1/200, the “higher” shutter would be 1/200."
"Like shutter speeds, aperture is also stated in fractions, so it’s important to know that the smaller the number the bigger the opening. Therefore, an f/1.4 is a very large opening while f/22 is a very small opening."
I also really enjoyed this article about the Top 10 mistakes to avoid as a new photographer - Part 1. It reassured me that I am on the right track, except that I have no idea what shooting in RAW means. I have earmarked that for another year month day. 
My white balance cards arrived today. I will play around with them tomorrow or over the weekend. 
Today's photos:

SS 1/320; f/3.2; ISO 400

SS 1/800; f/3.2; ISO 400

SS 1/500; f/3.2; ISO 400

SS 1/500; f/3.2; ISO 400

Today I experimented with raising the ISO, which allowed me to *quick check of quote above* - have a HIGHER shutter speed and LOWER aperture than I usually have. I think that I achieved a bit more focus plus it was fun to catch the motion of the ball and the water droplets from Bear's watering can. There is a lot of distracting background stuff in Rexy's picture. Bear has lost her feet and Roo looks absolutely exhausted. I like the red brick with the yellow t-shirt though.