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Day 11: Sunny Summer Bedtimes

Today was Wednesday, my long day at work. Luckily I managed to take some photos of the boys just before bed. I have come to love the light that spills into my bedroom at this time of day. What on earth are we going to do for light when autumn sets in? I am hoping that the custom white balance will help me out. I also need to read some tutorials on finding light in your house.

SS 1/125 ; f/2.8 ; ISO 200

SS 1/125 ; f/2.8 ; ISO 200

SS 1/640 ; f/3.2 ; ISO 200

I really like this last image. I imagine that others might find the blurred Rexy distracting and ideally the background would be blacked out a little more. I like that they are both in the picture as for me it tells the story of their different ages, levels of maturity and personalities. The numbers on this photo are really interesting to me. They fell together quite nicely. For a change I edited this picture to be darker.