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Day 10: Sports Day

I am a little cross with myself tonight. It was sports day at the boys' school and I didn't feel quite confident enough to bring along the DSLR. Lots of other parents had theirs and I feel that I missed the opportunity to catch some good photos. I feel that I need a zoom lens for days like this, but I am stuck on what would be the best one to get. There is so much choice and I don't want to make a mistake on choosing the wrong one. To be fair to myself, I also worried that I would get too hung up on getting good photos and miss out on just enjoying the day. I managed to get some quick snapshots on my phone, which is certainly better than nothing. 

We all had a great day and the boys were proud of their achievements. I took my 365 project photos when we got home. 

I just love this dress on Bear and I wanted to catch it in motion. I have been playing around with the metering mode. I still can't decide which setting I prefer. I saw a nice book on exposure in town today. All of these shots came out pretty dark, even though the meter was on 0. I brightened them all up afterwards. Somehow that feels like cheating to me, but everyone is doing it. Right?! Editing is a huge area for me to get my head around. I haven't even started on that yet.  

SS 1/200 ; f/2.8 ; ISO 800

Out of focus. I wonder how high the shutter speed needs to be to capture this much motion. Does ISO matter too?

SS 1/250 ; f/2.8 ; ISO 800

SS 1/160 ; f/2.8 ; ISO 400

Exhausted by a day of running about, but a happy boy nonetheless. This picture was taken in our kitchen, which often gives off colour photos. I am excited to see what custom white balance does to my future pictures in this room. The cards I ordered have been dispatched!

SS 1/160 ; f/2.8 ; ISO 3200