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Day 13: Out and about with Bonnie

Today was a Bear day. Once we dropped the boys off to school, we packed a quick picnic and went to meet a friend and her dog Bonnie. Today was the hottest day of the year so far so we settled ourselves under a big tree for most of the morning. It was a lovely morning and I enjoyed having the opportunity to take photos in a different setting.

SS 1/4000 ; f/3.2 ; ISO 200
What a ridiculous shutter speed! Clearly the ISO should be 100. It was so sunny that I couldn't see the readings on the camera. Also I was distracted by my friend and Bonnie being there. I need to build up my confidence in taking my camera out in public. 

SS 1/800 ; f/3.2 ; ISO 200
I decided to change the white balance setting on this one because they were coming out kind of funky. They looked better on the daylight setting. 

SS 1/800 ; f/2.8 ; ISO 200
 Home, exhausted and very sweaty.

SS 1/80 ; f/2.8 ; ISO 800

I took some pictures later on in the day and I used my 18-55mm kit lens for the first time since starting this project. I was interested to note that changing the focal distance automatically changed the aperture and the exposure. It is tempting to zoom out to get the exposure you want with a lower ISO and crop later. People who know stuff about photography don't appear to think much of lenses with variable focal lengths. I am not sure why but I am interested to learn more about it.