Day 15: Park Life

I managed to set the custom white balance on my camera today. I was very excited by the results and I hope to play around with it again tomorrow. The card is awkward to carry around so I have added one of those lens cap thingys to my wish list.

We spent some time at the park today. Often it is best to just get out of the house when all five of us are home at once. I am finding outdoor photography extra tricky. I only had my 50mm lens with me, which certainly was a challenge in a wide open space. I would love a zoom lens but can't decide which one to aim for. The kids where jumping about so much that I had trouble keeping up with them. Also, I find it difficult to see the playback in bright sunlight and usually have to wait to see what I have got when I get into the shade. It can make judgements about exposure more difficult.

f/5.6 ;1/500 ; ISO 400
f/3.5 ;1/640 ; ISO 200
Speaking of exposure, I am still baffled by why the meter sometimes says 0 and yet it is clearly over or under exposed. I always adjust the brightness during editing. I am still developing my judgement on exposure. I tend to create darker pictures and then have to force myself to add more light. Perhaps dark is my style. I love the work of June and Bear, which also tends to be on the dark side. She really inspires me.

f/5.6 ;1/500 ; ISO 400

f/3.5 ;1/500 ; ISO 200

The tooth is still missing. It is hard to get a more natural shot of the gap, but it feels important to document it nonetheless.

f/5.6 ;1/500 ; ISO 400

f/3.5 ;1/250 ; ISO 100

f/3.5 ;1/500 ; ISO 200

f/1.8 ;1/100 ; ISO 800


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