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Day 9: Bounce-a-line

I have taken a lot of bad photos today. A lot of bad photos. 

I had some free time during Bear's nap and I used it to read a couple of interesting tutorials from Click it up a Notch. The first was on the subject of metering and can be found here. This is one of those "a-ha" experiences when you think that you have found one of the missing parts of the puzzle. I have had my metering mode on Evaluative for years and I often find that my pictures come out underexposed even though the camera argues that it is not. Naturally I was delighted to read that changing the metering mode to Spot Metering would solve the problem. I changed it immediately expecting a miracle, but I am not sure that it didn't make things worse. I am excited to play around with it some more over the next few days to get a better feel for it. 

Next, I was very excited to read this tutorial on white balance. Now I know that this is a problem of mine. There are some rooms in this house that produce very "off" colour pictures. I have ordered a grey card and I cannot wait to try out custom white balance. If nothing else it will make me feel like I know what I am doing. 

We got the trampoline out today. Rexy called it a bounce-a-line for a long time when he was younger and Bear said something similar today. In many ways it was more trouble than it was worth because the kids squabbled over it and it was very challenging to get good photos. I knew that I would need to go higher with the SS and set it at 250. I also wanted to raise the number on the aperture because they were moving about so much and I find it difficult enough to focus as it is. The light was very difficult today. In addition to throwing the exposure all over the place, it made the kids pull some not so attractive squint-y faces. 

Rexy is not happy here. He wants the whole bounce-a-line to himself. I can see his point. 

ISO 100; SS 1/250 ; f/3.2

ISO 100; SS 1/400 ; f/3.2

ISO 100; SS 1/250 ; f/3.2

These are baby girls Peppa Pig boots. She loves them and has worn them to death! She regularly puts them on the wrong feet and she has been rocking the festival chic look all summer. They have become such a part of her that we could never ever throw them away. We might have to hide them though... 

ISO 100; SS 1/800 (!) ; f/3.2
The tooth is gone! It fell out at breakfast time. We have spent a lot of time planning how to use the money the tooth fairy will bring tonight. 

ISO 200; SS 1/800 ; f/3.2