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Day 17: Happy Feet

We did not have a brilliant evening of photography. Everyone was too tired and a little bit ill. I decided to keep expectations low and take some quick pictures of the boys once Bear was asleep. This is a risky strategy because I could easily end up with nothing for the day. I figure that I can always take a doll photo to fill in on days when the kids just aren't up to it. I am looking forward to experimenting with my custom white balance setting with artificial light in the evenings.  

First, we went for the kiddy feet option. Photos of babies feet are very cute. I am not sure what age feet stop being cute, but we went with it anyway because I think that they will be nice photos to look back on when I am older and even more sentimental. Well, it would be nice if they were in focus... There might be more feet photos later in this project. I think that we are still within the cute range, but I need to factor in that they are my kids' feet and I am most likely biased. 
f/2.2; 1/250; ISO 100

f/2.2; 1/250; ISO 100

Once the boys were bored with having their feet photographed, they just got on with their own business. Of course these moments are full of good photo potential. 

f/2.8; 1/125; ISO 200

f/2.8; 1/200; ISO 200

I wish that I had lowered the aperture to increase my chances of getting them both in focus but I often struggle to convince myself to raise the ISO any higher. I might have managed sharper pictures with these numbers if I had been more alert. I was a bit snap snap happy to be honest. It is a bad habit I will need to work on.