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Day 8: Frozen

We have been enjoying freezing stuff around here. It started last summer when the boys asked if they could freeze little toys (Go-Gos and Moshi Monsters) inside ice cubes. Then I saw this post a few weeks ago and that got us started again. Except that this time we went bigger!! We have been freezing large bowls and balloons full of water. Sometimes we add food colouring or glitter. It good summer fun.

ISO 100 ; SS 1/200 ; f/3.5
The have to wear goggles because they mostly like to hit it really hard to crack it open or chip away with a knife to make a hole in the centre.

ISO 100 ; SS 1/80 ; f/3.5

ISO 100 ; SS 1/250 ; f/3.5
Toes out of focus. *rolls eyes and tuts to herself*

Roo was exhausted after his long bike ride with his dad yesterday and a swimming lesson this morning.

ISO 400 ; SS 1/125 ; f/2.8

He still managed to have enough energy to make some more loom band bracelets... and to stay up very late to watch the World Cup final. Come on Germany!!

ISO 800 ; SS 1/160 ; f/2.5
Speaking of Frozen, I mentioned before that I collect dolls. Here is my Elsa from Frozen. It took me forever to find her and now I think I need another one for Bear.

I love to photograph dolls because they give me an opportunity to play around with composition and creative ideas. It's fantastic because they don't move or distract you in any way. (Except when they fall over!) I also feel that I can get pretty crazy and playful with the editing. I want to write a post on editing, because I really don't know what I am doing with it. 

I will leave you with another doll picture I took today. This is Deikun. She is a custom Blythe.