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Day 7: Wobbly tooth

Day 7!! I have completed my first week of this project. I am starting to get into a rhythm with it now and can feel that I am slowly learning something. Today was Saturday and I had the two littlies while the husband and Roo went out cycling for the day.

I enjoyed having a bit more light at my disposal today, but I am still grappling with the focus issue. Practice, practice, practice!!

Bear had her morning milk in our bed as usual. She is such a delight to start the day with.
ISO 1600 ; SS 1/160 ; f/2.8

Once we got going, we had fun pretending to be cooks. Bear was feeling extra affectionate with her little customers.
ISO 800 ; SS 1/80 ; f/2.8

ISO 1600 ; SS 1/100 ; f/2.8

ISO 800 ; SS 1/60 ; f/2.8

As I put those numbers in, I still feel unhappy with them. I have decided to experiment with being pretty rigid with keeping the SS above 125, unless the subject is being very very still. Until I have more control over my focusing skills it is probably best to keep the f/ above 2.8 or so. The ISO will just have to find its spot after that.

After breakfast, we went into town. I brought my camera, but I didn't really have the opportunity or confidence to get it out.  Rexy was delighted to get some glitter globes, which he has wanted forever. I love it when he gets creative.

ISO 200 ; SS 1/125 ; f/3.2
I was very happy with the numbers and the focus on this one... but the composition lacks something.  I tried lots of different angles including up on a chair, but nothing fully clicked.

The big news of the day  is that Rexy has his first wobbly tooth. He wobbled and wobbled and wobbled it all day long. I can't wait to get a picture of his gappy grin, but in the mean time we have a wobbler.

ISO 100 ; SS 1/160 ; f/4

ISO 100 ; SS 1/160 ; f/4