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Days 253-255/365: St Patricks Day and a Dose of Reality

We have been struck by illness this week. Poor Bear has a vomiting bug and I have a cold that has left me fuzzy headed and tired. Consequently, I have got a bit behind with my blogging. 

It feels like we are jumping from one celebration to the next at the moment and this week it was the turn of St. Patrick's Day. I must admit that, despite actually being Irish, I have not made much effort for St. Paddy's day in the past. My husband seemed extra keen this year so I made a last minute attempt to join in. I have decided to make much more effort in future years. At a minimum we need more leprechauns!

I made an early start on Monday (day 253) with some doll photos. I really must learn Photoshop as I am sure that  it will make it easier to create doll photos. 

Here is how things looked around here on St. Patrick's Day (day 254).  

I hope to get crafty for next year and make more bunting and decorations. 

I didn't bother with these Irish flag jelly deserts last year because the boys hated them a couple of years ago when I introduced them to our celebrations. They actually liked them this year so we will be doing them again. 

Last night I wanted to focus on getting my submission for the 52 project done. The theme was Reality and I felt that some kind of self portrait was in order. I was feeling exhausted and looked dreadful! Therefore, I went with a blurry slow shutter speed effect. Win!

I liked these ones, but removing my ear from the centre of the image was going to be a pain. I need Photoshop in my life...

I went with this one in the end and included a caption about the multiple faces of motherhood. Job done!

I was supposed to stop there and go to bed but I couldn't resist taking some more pictures of my lovely tulips. The thing that really interested me about these photos was how much of a visible difference sharpening made. It really helped to draw out the tiny lines on the petals. I find it hard to see much difference in my usual child portrait shots, so I am keen to play around with subjects with very fine details again. I think that it will help me to get a better feel for sharpening. 

And I just couldn't quit without one last shot of my dancing girl before she has to return her pretty dress to Barbie.