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Day 260/365: On the Floor

It's Monday night. I took a handful of dreadful bedtime photos tonight using the camera on the floor method that I am so keen on at the moment. I didn't take the time to set white balance, the light was terrible, my shutter speed was even more on the floor than the camera, the kids were exhausted and not really up for a photoshoot. So I converted them all to a high contrast black and white and went sort of arty with it.

The results...

I also had a little play with the low camera perspecitve earlier on in the day, except that this time it was my phone camera. 

My plan to share this photo here led to me having to download all of my photos off my phone. I haven't done that in 2 or so years, so there were a lot of photos!

Here are some of my favourites...

Ahh, I need to use Instagram more... Like every single day. The great thing about using my phone is that I can take photos in places that I cannot bring a big camera or don't feel comfortable doing so. It is also a brilliant way to try out creative ideas and compositions. As you can see, Bear and I spend a lot of time in Pret.