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Day 251/365: Rexy's 6th Birthday Party

I am getting behind with my blog posts. There is just too much going on this weekend. It was Mother's Day today. I have had a lovely day and have lots of photos to edit. Before I get to that though, I wanted to blog about Rexy's birthday party yesterday. He chose one of our local soft play centres for the party. These places are so crazy, but at least it gets everyone out of my house. There is no way I would host a boy's birthday party in my home. 

Rexy's main interest right now is Ninjago and so that was the theme of the cake. I wanted to keep things simple so I went with a cake topper and a few toys. I like to think of my cakes as being a bit like Kinder Eggs - something sweet to eat and a surprise toy. I used the grey card for white balance and exposure here. I would probably brighten it up a bit but I am trying to get a feel for 0 on the meter. 

The party itself was a success. Everyone turned up and we didn't lose anyone. Yay! There are lots of high energy activities for the kids. It is perfect for parties really. I brought along my Tamron and loved the fact that I can zoom in and out with ease and without having to change my settings. I thought that I would use TV mode, but the images were so dark. I went back to Manual in the end and was quite happy there. I used the Expodisc for white balance, but the light was so variable I had to play around a bit in editing. 

Rexy seemed happy and he was delighted with his cake. 

I didn't manage an in focus shot of the candle blowing. Booooo!

Lego = boy magnet. 

Bear was a little overwhelmed at times but had fun with her dad on the slides. The slides are the best things about these places. 

More present opening when we got back home. Rexy has done very well this birthday. White balance, as always, is a nightmare in this room. It drives me potty!

Granny L came along and was a huge help. A very well deserved cup of tea for her. 

Bear loved her party outfit and had some compliments from strangers in the play centre. It is in fact a hand down from her childminder's granddaughter. She is rather chic my girl. 

I figure that all of this Lego will be broken up in days, so I wanted to photograph it before it is gone. There was a lot of Lego this year and Rexy is very happy with himself. It must feel so nice to have some of his own after years of watching Roo play with his. 

This action shot makes me giggle. These Lego men take themselves far to seriously.