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Day 245/365: Rainforest Cafe and London Transport Museum

We ventured into London today for a meet up with my husband's family. We have a cluster of birthdays at this time of year and it was sort of a joint celebration. We went to the Rainforest Cafe in London last year and the kids loved it. Therefore we thought that we would repeat the experience today.

I decided to be brave and bring my Tamron this time. I loved being able to zoom in and out. The lighting was very tricky though as we were seated in a dark corner with very harsh overhead lights. My camera stayed on ISO 3200 throughout and I barely lifted off f/2.8. Even at that my shutter speed was scraping the floor. I'm afraid that on nights like tonight it is a case of trying to salvage something from the collection of very poor images. I brought my Expodisc but didn't have the courage to get it out. The light was so variable from one side of the table to the other that I don't think that it would have been worth the effort anyway. So I have relied heavily on using the eyedropper on something white in the frame. After yesterday's experiment I warmed most of the photos up after the first white balance edit. I think that it looks better than my usual photos, but I'm really not sure. I have also become more conscious about any blown out areas and pulled the highlights down. Due to the harsh over head lighting, this often means reducing by 100!

This one is my favourite. My nephew is so photogenic. 

After our lunch we took stroll over to the London Transport Museum for a very brief visit. Poor Bear was so exhausted that she missed the whole thing. Our ticket lasts a whole year though, so we will return. I think that she would have loved it. 

I didn't have much time to look around, but I did enjoy the space especially with the 24-70mm. Museums are turning out to be one of my favourite places to take photos. 

Again, I was drawn to the windows and the light. I couldn't get enough of this window. Those pieces of paper hanging are old tickets.