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Day 239/365: Nudging the Garden Awake

We were greeted by this wonderful sight when I opened the curtains in the boys' room this morning. Hello to you happy happy sunshine!

Bear and I bravely ventured into the garden to play for a while today. We wiped down the slide and seesaw and enjoyed the sunshine even though it is still pretty cold. The garden is still rather muddy and needs a really good clean up. We will give it a chance to wake up and settle into Spring first.

Bear loves being outside and happily sang to herself whilst spreading petals around. She said that she was "planting things". She will love planting real seeds in a few weeks time. Planting seeds and looking after growing plants is one of Rexy's favourite activities. He takes it very seriously. 

I am so excited by Spring this year. I think that it is because of the promise of more natural light for my photography. I got to use the Tamron at it's best today. Zooming in and out with a fixed aperture and lots of light getting through the lens. Most of my photos were shot at ISO 100. Amazing!