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Day 265/365: Freelensing

I am so excited today because there are now only 100 days to go on this 365 project. I cannot believe that the end is just about in sight. Part of me started the day thinking that it might be nice to do something special to mark the occasion, but nothing particularly amazing came to mind. I was keen to get some more shots of Roo. I snapped a couple in the morning and thought that I would just have to keep my expectations for myself low and leave it at that. 

Later in the day I was tinkering around with my lenses and I thought that I just might have a little go at freelensing. Basically this means taking the lens off the camera and shooting with it held freely in front of the camera body. You twist the lens about and hold it nearer or further away from the camera to get different effects. It causes some blurring in parts of the frame and  some light leakage, which overall can lead to quite a dreamy quality. I have seen some amazing pictures done with freelensing. I am delighted that I had a go today because it does feel like a nice way to mark the 265 point. Woo hoo. 

This is the first image I got. I used the 50mm lens because it is light and easy to manipulate with one hand. The image intrigued  me enough to try some more. This Maleficent doll, by the way, is my only doll to remain in her box. I might take her out some day.

I really do love the effects that you get from freelensing and it is fun and totally addictive. 

Here is Maleficent again. I managed to get her face in focus this time. 

Once I got a feel for the basics I had a go with real moving subjects. This is a bit trickier and less predictable. I like the results though. I am pleased with it as a first ever attempt. 

Lovely Roo was willing to sit still for a little while for his freelensing photo shoot. I am pleased with some of these.

I will definitely be giving this another go soon.