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Day 240/365: A Reluctant Return to High ISO

We had parent teacher evening today which meant that I got home later than usual for a Tuesday and photography was not a priority. The boys are both doing well and their teachers had lots of great things to say about them. We are feeling very proud of our boys this evening. I got the camera out just before bedtime and found myself with high ISO and inadequate shutter speed again.

I find high ISO photos hard to edit for reasons that I can't quite understand.  Of course there is a lot of noise. Thankfully, I am generally pretty pleased with the difference that the luminance slider makes. The most difficult thing is the funky colours that result for high ISO/artificial light photos. 

Here is an example from this evening. It was shot at f/2.8; 1/60; ISO 3200. 

(I love my new screen shots skill!) After quite a bit of playing around with editing I concluded that this photo is totally unusable. The top photo is SOOC and the bottom one has had the exposure lifted a bit, the highlights brought down to pull her arm back from being blown and a little warming up. All stuff that I would do normally.  

Here is a close up of the edited photo. The noise is terrible and it became worse the more I played around. It made her tights and hair look awful with very dark flecks in it. The tights were too saturated and her hair very dull. The skirt was very noisy! I don't think that the carpet looks quite that filthy in real life, but perhaps that is wishful thinking... It didn't even look good in black and white because I really wanted the colour of the dolls play. 

This photo was never going to be good as it is very messy and the colours don't blend well anyway. Nonetheless the extra noise is such a frustrating contrast from shooting at low ISO yesterday.