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Day 257/365: Whistle

Whoop, it's Friday night. Bear and I are almost over our illnesses and I am so looking forward to slowing down the pace for a couple of days.

Let me start by introducing my new doll - The Fairy Godmother from Cinderella. I adore her.

From a photography perspective, most of my time and energy was taken up trying to get my head around photo storage, iCloud in particular. I would love to try shooting in RAW but I am worried about the amount of space it will take up on my computer. After quite a lot of time researching it I am none the wiser. 

It was a photographing the homework sort of evening. I feel like these sorts of shots will be so special when the kids are grown. I love to see their reading and handwriting skills grow. I also love shots of their sweet little hands. It's almost impossible to believe that they will be huge man hands one day. The school jumper always seems to go crazy colours though... I wish that I had toned it down in Lightroom but it didn't look quite so vibrant there. One of the frustrations of photo editing. 

Edit: I couldn't resist retouching these as the jumper is blinding me! Now some of the other colours seem off, especially his hands. Editing is hard!

We have a lovely set of Tomy eggs that were given to Bear by Granny L when she was a baby. They are essentially baby toys to help with shape sorting, fine motor skills and learning colours. They would probably have lost their appeal by now except that Roo noticed that they give off a very satisfying whistle when you blow into them. The kids love doing that and they are treated like musical instruments in our house. 

That's it for tonight. Roll on the weekend.