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266-267/365: Bye Bye Baby

News from the house this past weekend is that this little monkey has learned how to climb out of her cot. She gave us a big surprise on Saturday morning when, without any warning, she sauntered into our bedroom bright and early. When asked what she was doing. She simply gave a shy smile with a shrug of the shoulder and said "I just walking".

She spent all of Sunday (Day 266) demonstrating her new skills.

She literally could not be more delighted with herself.

We are planning to hold onto the cot for another couple of weeks because we are planning a little trip away and need her to be happy in a cot. However, I think that it is fair to say that our last baby is a baby no more. She will get the big girl bed after Easter. 

With all the hanging around in Bear's room, I got a couple of shots of the kids near the window light. Even at that the ISO was still 1600. 

I love that smirky grin. 

This one is Roo is a bit distorted because it is shot at 24mm. I do like a bit of distortion though. After my freelensing experiment I have been looking into the lensbaby. I didn't know that you can get pin hole and fisheye add ons. I am very keen to play around with some fun novelty lenses. 

Tonight (day 267), we were back to dark bedtime photos. 

I like this one of Roo. He is starting to seem very pre-adolescent to us these days. He is wearing these more and more. 

A bit of Bop-It at bedtime for Rexy. He is trying to beat Roo's high score. No one can get even close. 

I have been feeling a bit paranoid about the sharpness of my photos so I played around with this cute little guy once the kids were asleep. He is just too cute to leave out. I am super keen to try out some macro photography but none of my current lens can manage it very well.