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Days 249-250/365: Still Shootin

I just wanted to interrupt the silence to reassure myself that I am still taking photos. It is Rexy's birthday party today and I have been busy with party prep. It is fair to say that the photography projects have taken a back seat.

Day 249 - last minute shots.

Day 250 was "Bring your mother to school" day. Lots of fun activities were laid out for the kids to enjoy with their mothers, or significant female others. I made a beeline to the sewing table and luckily Rexy was happy to join in. I discovered that he can actually sew pretty well and he has requested to do some more at home. I got a bit carried away and did this cross stitch flower. I couldn't quite remember how to do it so it is very messy at the back. I find stuff like this so relaxing. I was stuck for a quick photo at the end of yesterday and so I took a photo of my flower. I placed it on my 18% grey card to make things ultra easy. In theory this picture is perfectly exposed. I used the eyedropper in Lightroom to adjust the white balance, so in theory it also has perfect white balance. I find exercises like this useful to train my eye. 

This is a before and after shot. Transformed with one quick click. 

I have been focusing a bit on white balance this week. I watched some videos on different methods which were very interesting. There are lots of different methods to use both in camera and in editing. Ultimately though, I need to train my eye. There is also some wiggle room for personal taste. 

I also read up on exposure compensation because the guy in the photo shop suggested that it might account for my horrible prints. It was very interesting to finally get to grips with exposure compensation but it doesn't apply to the manual setting. All of the exposure problems there are my error. 

I'm taking my camera with the huge Tamron lens to the party. I expect staring and comments but I need good party shots.