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Days 37-38/365: Pasta Making

Uh oh, I'm getting behind with the blogging.

Yesterday we made pasta and tomato sauce for dinner and it was a big success. We needed to dust down the pasta maker that hasn't been used in well over a year. The kids just loved rolling the pasta through it. I think that I need to get them more involved with the cooking.

It has been a couple of days of low shutter speed. I didn't plan it that way. Evidently we have been taking things a little slow around here.

f/2; 1/60; ISO 400

f/2; 1/60; ISO 400

f/3.5; 1/60; ISO 800

Today was a work day, so when I got home we just chilled, watched some TV and ate toast. The kids are loving toast right now. I don't know why the sudden interest. 

This first picture makes me think that I need one of those pop up reflector things. I'll just add one to my ever growing wish list. 

f/2.5; 1/40; ISO 800

f/3.5; 1/40; ISO 400

Tomorrow I am going to take the camera to London, just to shake things up a little.