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Day 50: The Big Bank Holiday Beach Adventure - Part 2

Day 50! The fact that I have now been doing this project for 50 days somewhat blows me away.

The day started with putting together that Ikea sofa. The parts had to be posted out separately and arrived a couple of days ago. The boys were keen to be involved so we waited until we had a bit of free time. They loved it.

I am really excited about having a new setting for my photos. I think that this new spot has a lot of potential. 

Then we jumped into the car and headed off to Whitstable, one of our long time favourite seaside towns. This place never disappoints. I love the atmosphere there and there are lots of lovely shops and cafes. We decided not to bother with the hassle of the shops and spent the day on the beach. The kids enjoyed the fact that it is a stony beach, so there was no sand in the eyes to cope with. 

I took a lot of photos. Again, I was spoiled with lots of light but had to contend with blown out skies and tricky exposure. 

I love jumping shots. Can you tell?

The weather is reported to change tomorrow. I guess that means that our beach adventures are finished for now. It has been brilliant to spend so much time outdoors this weekend. I feel like we are saying goodbye to the summer.