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Days 20-28: Underwater Love at Centre Parcs

We returned from our holiday yesterday and today I am consumed by post holiday blues. We had the most amazing week at Centre Parcs. It was our first visit and I imagine that we will return again and again in the future. It was so wonderful to take a break from the normal hustle and bustle of our usual lives and take things at a much slower pace. We particularly enjoyed cycling and swimming every day and I even managed a few hours in the spa.

My computer file tells me that I took 562 pictures while I was there. I enjoyed having the opportunity to take pictures in new settings and different lighting conditions. I am very frustrated to report that I still struggle with what feels like the most basic skill - focusing! It is just maddening to capture a lovely picture and then find that it is out of focus. I try to be brutal in deleting them, but some I just can't because they have caught something magical... in my eyes anyway.

With 562 pictures to choose from, there are going to be a lot of pictures in this post. I'm afraid to say that I will be skimping on the detailed photo captions. Who has the time?

Day 20/365: We enjoyed our first meal of the holiday at Bella Italia. The boys were fascinated by the name for some reason.

Day 21/365: My adventure of chasing the light in a new setting begins. This chair was great because it was surrounded by huge windows. There was a lot of dappled light about as a result of the sun peeping though leaf canopies. It often threw my exposure off. I played around with the metering modes, but I still haven't fully mastered this challenge. Another challenge was very bright sky in the background. Sigh... so much to learn. 

Day 22/365: This was a day of chilling out for us. Bear likes to chew on her blanket for comfort. Roo had the most horrendous mouth ulcers for the whole holiday and spent most of the time unable to speak. I was so impressed by his ability to keep going and have a good time anyway. 

Day 23/365: This girl is one crazy cat! We love her sense of style. She always puts her glasses on upside down and refuses to wear anything but her Peppa Pig wellies. 

Day 24/365: The "beach". This sandy spot beside the lake was brilliant and the kids spent hours playing there. I must have taken about 500 photos this day alone. I even managed to get all three of them in the same shot. Quite the accomplishment, even if I do say so myself. 

Day 25/365: The opportunity to ride bikes everyday without cars around was one of the best things about this holiday. As a result, Rexy managed to learn how to ride his bike. Hooray for Rexy. 

It is so heartbreaking that Rexy is out of focus here. Bah!

The boys also played adventure golf that day, which was a highlight for them. It's not my thing, so Bear and I just larked about as usual. 

Day 26/365: The big action shot! We tried our hand at badminton and indoor bowls. The boys got on pretty well with the badminton but there were temper tantrums all around for the bowls. Everyone was just too tired at that point. 

Rexy was becoming very confident on his bike by now. Here is me with the bike and trailer we hired. I miss it so much now. 

Not to be outdone, Bear decided that it was time to get some scooter practice in. 

The boys had a very competitive and heated game of pool on the last night. Bear and I .... larked about as usual. The kept giggling like crazy while dropping the puck in her own goal. 

Day 27/365: Goodbye Centre Parcs.... for now. After a final couple of treaty meals in restaurants and a couple of hours in the pool, we had to let our holiday go. 

Speaking of swimming, we bought an underwater camera and took these pictures in the pool. The came out way better than I expected them to. 

It really was the most fantastic holiday. 

Day 28/365: Back to reality. Today was a bit poo to be honest. We still haven't fully unpacked and we are all out of sorts. Monday will be a massive shock to us all. We managed to get out and take these few pictures though. 

Back tomorrow...