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Day 49: The Big Bank Holiday Beach Adventure - Part 1

We had an insanely busy and fabulous day. The boys are big fans of the TV show Deadly 60 so when we heard that Steve Backshall was doing a book signing in Chichester, we just had to go. It just so happened that the book signing was a 2 hour drive away but it was in a town close to a beach that I have been hoping to check out this summer. Being a bank holiday weekend, the traffic was horrific and we only just made it on time to join the very long queue to meet Steve.  

You really wouldn't think it from the photo, but the boys were delighted to meet their hero in person. It was all a bit of a rush through in the end so the boys are out of focus. Bear was playing up and hanging off my leg, which didn't help!! It is at times like this that I think that my phone camera would probably do a better job... Good old Steve though. The poor man had been there answering monotonous questions all day and yet he could still muster up a smile.  

f/4; 1/80; ISO 1600

After that we headed down the road to West Wittering beach. It was amazing. The photos are unedited because I don't have time to play around tonight. The sky was just breathtaking. Everything was shot at an ISO of 100 and f/7. In most cases this still left me with a high shutter speed. As a result, most of the photos are vaguely in focus. Yay!

We ended the day with a trip to Zizzi's for dinner. Days like this are so enjoyable and make family life feel amazing.