Day 33: Bonkers at Bedtime

The composition of tonight's photos of Bear vaguely resemble the kinds of pictures that I regularly see floating around the internet. Many of those photos are stunningly beautiful and I would love to be able to create them with my own kids. I am not quite there yet...

I didn't set out to take these ultra close ups of Bear. She was enjoying opening and closing a large bottle of water on my bed and I needed to stay close to her to ensure that she didn't spill too much water. She was sitting still and I needed to take some pictures.

The aim here was to focus on her lashes. I wish that the lashes were sharper and perhaps the rest of her face more in focus. I really didn't need a shutter speed of 1/800 and could have adjusted the aperture or ISO. 
f/1.8; 1/800; ISO 400

This photo was overexposed and some of the detail on her dress was blown out. I have started to use the histogram display a bit more often, which has been interesting. My Canon also helpfully indicates the areas that are blown out. It has been helpful for me to gain a better grasp of exposure. I wish that I could have popped a large card behind her to create some negative space. The deer on the pillowcase is distracting.

f/2.2; 1/500; ISO 400

I love Bear's eyes here. I hadn't planned on posting this picture but I am falling in love with it more every time I look at it.

f/2.2; 1/500; ISO 400

Again, I wish that I could have used a quick backdrop. Until now I have been working hard to avoid chopping off the tops of heads and limbs. This has often meant using a portrait orientation, but I like the composition of this picture.

f/2.2; 1/500; ISO 400

And then, there was a little post bath craziness. Roo used some face part stickers to create funny characters and they all joined in. It was hilarious!!

f/2.5; 1/200; ISO 400

This one of Rexy is crazy out of focus and the lighting is terrible, but it absolutely could not be left out.

f/2.5; 1/200; ISO 400


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