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Day 51: Back to Reality

Thank goodness today was not day 50 of the project because it was pretty uneventful - from a photography point of view anyway. It rained all day. We have been missing the Lagoon Pool at Centre Parcs and decided to go swimming. We went for the one with the most slides that we could find. It was pretty good but no match for Centre Parcs. We couldn't take photos there so I left the camera at home. That feels unusual to me these days. 

Roo has been practising his times tables all summer. We agreed that he could have Minecraft on Xbox if he passed a little test we set for him. He managed to pass with flying colours this morning and therefore pretty much the whole afternoon has been about Mincraft for the boys. It worked well because we had a lot of cleaning up to do after our adventurous weekend. 

I only have one photo for today. It certainly doesn't hold much magic, but I was conscious of how much more thought I am putting into my photography these days.

f/4; 1/50; ISO 3200
The light was very poor, as can be seen from the numbers. I didn't feel that I could go any higher with the aperture or lower with the ISO. Even still I had a very low shutter speed and I knew that the chance of camera shake was high. So, I didn't even breathe. It still isn't 100% in focus and of course it will suffer from the high ISO. I was also thinking about white balance. I put it on the tungsten setting. However, I know know from experience that it doesn't quite do the job in this room of the house and I went straight to the temperature button during editing to cool it down a little. I would have used an ExpoDisc if I had one. I was also thinking a bit more about my composition. Most of the time I like to follow the rule of thirds, but I was also aiming to produce some depth of field with the chair arm in the foreground. Perhaps it was too much and ends up being distracting? The sofa is also creating a leading line towards the boys, who of course I want to be the focal points. 

I have been reading about composition in this book. I was interested to learn that there is a general order at which we look at elements in a picture. The first is brightness (TV in my picture), the second is sharpness and the last is vivid colours (Roo's t-shirt and Rexy's sock). I was also interested to read that you create a sense of depth by including elements in the foreground, middle ground and background. It will be fun to play around with these ideas over the next few months.