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Day 31: Yoo hoos and Skippyjon Jones

I returned to work today, so we are back to bedtime photography. First up is an exhausted Roo and his beloved Yoo Hoo collection. He likes to rub their tails against his nose as he sucks his thumb. He is doing really well at quitting thumb sucking during the day so we have agreed to let him enjoy it at night for a bit longer. 

f/1.8; 1/125; ISO 200

Our new SkippjonJones book has arrived. Happy days! Rexy just loves this little character and the books are a lot of fun to read. We love the cute illustrations too. 

f/1.8; 1/40; ISO 400

And finally, this is Niamh. She has caught the loom band bug too. It is an absolute delight to photograph something that stays completely still. It is fantastic practice for my focusing skills. 

f/3.2; 1/30; ISO 400

I am thinking that the fact that it is day 31 means that I have completed one whole month of this project. That feels really good!