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Day 52: Loving our Laminator

We bought a laminator a couple of years ago because we wanted to preserve some of the kids artwork. I figured that laminating and displaying their work would demonstrate how proud I was of their achievements. I hoped that it would make them feel valued and special. I think that it has achieved those things to some extent, but the true value of this machine is that laminating is lots of fun! I have to resist the urge to laminate every piece of paper I can get my hands on. Thankfully, the boys are a little bit more sensible with their laminating. 

f/2.8; 1/50; ISO 800

f/2.8; 1/30; ISO 400

f/2.8; 1/60; ISO 800

f/2.8; 1/50; ISO 400

I used some very low shutter speeds today but I can't go any lower with the aperture and I don't want to increase the ISO. I learned about, and used, the noise reduction at high ISO setting today. I need to read more about it and figure out if it is worth using more often. I also bumped up the contrast on my portrait setting because I always increase the contrast when I edit photos. 

Then I started to cheat just a little... The guy who wrote the book I am currently reading said that he always shoots portraits in AV mode. This is my husband's preferred setting. Before this project I used to shoot in AV or TV if the kids were being supper wizzy, but I would keep the ISO at 3200 because it seemed foolproof. I decided to give it a go again this evening and regardless of the photos I captured, it felt so much easier to pick an aperture and ISO, shoot and go! Now I just have to resist the temptation to use AV instead of manual all the time. I can tell you now that it is going to be hard. 

f/2.8; 1/80; ISO 400

f/2.8; 1/125; ISO 800