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Days 49-53/365: Inching Closer to Personal Style.

I have noticed that the whole 365 experience feels different this time around. In my previous 365 I was preoccupied with the need to get a good understanding of the exposure triangle and the different creative effects that can be achieved through aperture and shutter speed. I'm not saying that I have fully grasped those things necessarily, but my focus has now changed to editing.

I am keen to find my personal style and very slowly I think that it is coming together. Very slowly. Last year I played things very safe with only minor tweaks in Lightroom. I have been surprised by how much further people are willing to push those sliders when I watch tutorials. Of course this runs the risk of over doing it, but I think that I will have to push the boundaries for a while before I figure it all out.

I have managed to keep up with the doll a day challenge this week. I have enjoyed it actually.

Day 49

Day 50 - This were taken after a very late night out with my work colleagues. I can't believe that they turned out as well as they did given that I had way too much to drink!

Day 51 

Day 52 - Family movie night 

Day 53