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Days 38-39/365: Where I Come From

We got a little bit of snow today and needless to say the kids were very excited. Sadly I only managed to get a few shots before my battery died.

Day 39

Luckily, we always have camera phones to lean back on. 

I have been in two minds about whether to continue with the 52 project I have joined this year. The theme from this week was Where I come from, which I struggled with. Perhaps I have been too focused on the 20 day challenge, but I just couldn't think of anything to photograph for the theme. Today, at the last minute I decided what the hell and took a picture of Bear holding my old comforter.  I actually love how these turned out and might have to send a copy to my parents... just for nostalgia value. 

Yesterday, the theme in the 20 day challenge was Sound. I got Rexy involved with this one and asked him to rub his wet fingers around the rim of a glass of water to capture the effect it has on the water. The results from my 100mm macro lens were fascinating. 

Day 38.

I look forward to photographing more sciencey and arty stuff once we have our kitchen back. Don't ask!