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Day 26/365: Life and New Beginnings

The 52 project I participated in all last year has come to a close and I am delighted to say that I managed 51/52 weekly challenges. I am a little niggled that I missed one week, but I have to let it go. I have joined a new group for this year and the theme for the week is New Beginnings. I am also participating in a 20 day photo challenge that an old friend of mine has set up. Today's theme was Life so this has opened up the possibility of doubling up with one catch all photo. I had a lot of fun with my 100mm macro lens today and came up with these shots. 

I have been wanting to play around with water drop reflections for ages and I am excited by the results. I will have another go at this soon. 

The photo I am most excited about though is this one of Rexy. 

I just love the intensity of his stare and the contrast between light and dark in the picture. I really am won over with the matte effect right now. 

Back to work tomorrow...