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Day 46/365: Valley of the Dolls

Now that the 20 day project has ended I think that I would like to get back into the groove of doll photography. This takes a whole other set of skills and lots and lots of patience. I am going to try to take a doll picture a day for one week. I am a little nervous about this one to be honest.

Here are today's photos.

I am pleased with how they came out in the end, but they were a lot of work to photograph and get right in Photoshop. Photoshop does an amazing job removing the objects that are propping them up. I used to spend ages faffing around with thread, which didn't erase very well in free editing software but now I can use forks, doll stands and even my hand and edit them right out. The skating one was achieved using layers in Photoshop and therefore is my first attempt at composites. 

Lets see what the next 6 days brings...