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Days 27-28/365: Opposites and Happiness

I have taken up a 20 day photo challenge and it has been a wonderful way to get the creative juices flowing. I am hoping that it will carry me along nicely through this difficult dark month. This time of year was very tough last year but I have my studio lighting and new kitchen space this year, which has been a huge help.

Day 27 - The theme for yesterday  was Opposites 

I am now keen to get hold of a chalkboard for more of this sort of photo.

Glass half empty/glass half full. The wall in the background is part of our unfinished kitchen. I am going to miss it. The edit was the coral blue split toning that I discovered a few days ago. 


Day 28 - Today's theme was happiness. Nothing brings out natural happiness in my kids more than the words "hey kids let's go jump on my bed and take photos". I used my studio lighting and it was amazing! I was able to get my ISO down a little and shutter speed up. That would have been totally impossible this time last year. I also edited out our horrible wall lights with photoshop.