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Days 23-24/365: Gaining Momentum at the Science Museum

 Yesterday was a slow and lazy day. We are coming to the end of the Christmas holidays and a quiet day inside was welcome and needed.

Day 23

I have been inspired by this amazing book that I bought myself for Christmas. It has made me think more about looking out for interesting backgrounds for photos, upping my game with some fancy fashion and props, finding ways to create stylish shots of my home ... and even taking more selfies. As always, my iPhone is a great quick way to play around with creative ideas and I love the Instagram look. 

With that in mind, I dressed Bear in her fabulous pink dress and we all headed off to the Science Museum in search of interesting backgrounds for photos. We had a lovely day in between all the photos taking. 

Day 24.

The location was amazing, but the harsh overhead lighting resulted in shadows and tricky white balance. I also had the same old problem of high ISO and low shutter speed. Distracting crowds in the background were also an issue. We got some pretty good stuff though!

This dress really does have the swish factor. 

This game is the boys' favourite thing in the Science Museum and we have to visit it every time. Any excuse to play a computer game!

This was fun too.

I even got to fulfil my wish to photograph and spiral(ish) staircase. 

Last day of the holidays tomorrow. Boo!!