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Days 41-45/365:Unnoticed

Yesterday was the last day of the 20 day photography challenge. It has been tough to find fresh creativity everyday but I am grateful that it pushed me though another 20 days of the 365. I am relieved to take things down a notch for the next while and hopefully this will give me the time and space I need to do some more reading about photography and push myself more on the technical side of things.

Day 41 - Unnoticed.

This was a bit of a tricky one for me because it evoked very personal and moody images. This is a theme that touches a raw nerve for me and I have struggled with for years but the challenge called for positive images.

At first I played it safe with this picture of Rexy and his unnoticed gesture of love.

I knew that I wanted to use my 100mm lens to capture some unnoticed beauty in the world. This made me think of a cool tutorial I saw in a magazine recently. These macro pictures of bubbles were hard to get right. I spent a long time playing around with lighting and composition. To be honest they didn't look like much on the camera's LCD but I was amazed when I uploaded them. A bit of cropping and editing later and I got images like those above. This sort of thing could become addictive. 

Day 42 - Yellow

This was a busy work day for me and I went with a quick macro of a marble. 

Day 43 - Jewellery 

Another toughie for me because I don't own much jewellery and I don't place much value on it. I would rather have photography equipment or a new doll! Nonetheless, I had an image in mind and I got what I was after. Apart from my wedding and engagement rings, this is the only jewellery I wear. I don't even have a watch. Have I mentioned that I am keen to take more self portraits this year? 

Day 44 - Nighttime, textures and or abstract.

This was an exciting one because I got a new toy to play with on the same day - a cable shutter release which enables me to use the bulb mode for long exposures. I had my first attempt at photographing the night sky. This was exciting but it really did show up the state of my sensor. I had to remove lots of dirt spots and the noise was very high in theses pictures even though they were shot at very low ISOs. 

This is how much the earth spins in 5 mins. Now that's abstract! Right?

Day 45 - Love, kindness and/ or positivity. 

I am going to be honest and say that our house was lacking any of those things on this day. It was just one of those stressy days. However, I did convince the family to get together to read this wonderful book for the sake of a picture. 

So there we have it! I am free floating with the 365 again. I have been thinking that I need to get back into my doll photography. I have lost  mojo with that. Perhaps a doll a day for 7 days?