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Day 31\365: Colouring with Light

Today's theme for the the 20 day photo challenge was Colour. It was a cold, dark and rainy day here today and I initially struggled to find ideas. I was yearning for gorgeous bright colourful walls with a child dressed in a contrasting colour popping against it. That was never going to happen today. Then I remembered a really cool Photoshop project from a recent copy of Digital Photo magazine, and I had my first photo. I enrolled Roo to be the subject in the photo. He wasn't overly into it at first, but he loved the end result.

Later, Bear and I got busy with some colouring. 

Finally, we had some serious fun with some light writing using coloured glow sticks. This was so much fun and I was very impressed with Roo's creative ideas. It is so hard to choose any favourites.