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Days 205-207/365: Manic Monday... and a bit of Tuesday and Wednesday Too

The computer trouble has subsided and now we have internet problems. We are working on upgrading our whole system so hopefully things will be more streamline in the future.
For now, here is an update on the week...
Mondays are so manic around here as everyone adjusts to a new week and I get ready to return to work on Tuesday. Last Monday (day 205) looked a bit like this.
Bear loves Alice in Wonderland. She also loves striping down as far as I will allow given that it is freezing right now.


 Please excuse the bear bottom. (Giggle).


Fitting all of the homework in around Bear's desire for almost constant 1:1 play is one of my greatest challenges right now. 

 Tuesday evening (day 206).


I returned late and tired this evening and so took some photos of this n'that. (Day 207)

Certainly not my finest work, but still practicing away.