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Days 181-182: Half Way Point

Day 182 marks the half way point through my 365. I had hoped to have more of a celebration about it but Bear's illness has floored me. I am hoping that she will be better tomorrow. We have also been pretty busy trying to get the house sorted before we go back to work next week. That means lots of trips to the charity shop and dump. It has also meant a long overdue repaint of our bathroom. Everyone joined in, which was nice.

Bear was quite insistent about painting the walls, so we let her paint freely with her little paint set. She is very proud of it and doesn't seem to mind that we painted over her bit. 

Roo loved this and really mucked in. 

We busy busy with the house today and I only managed to snap a couple of fun with glitter glue shots. 

Happy half way point to me! I have joined a 52 project on Facebook. The quality of the work is very high there. I have been hugely inspired by some of the pictures. 

I am still reading my fab book, but not able to do much with my learning at the moment. 

I have an expodisc now. So far I am loving it.