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Day 191/365: Story Telling

I have spent ages faffing around with doll picture today and this evening. I really wanted to play around with a strongly backlit subject and Juno here was available and willing to sit still for as long as I needed her to. This was fun because I had the opportunity to see what a big difference using a reflective white board made. The room was actually very dark and I knew that she needed some natural light bounced back onto her face. I am pleased with the final exposure. 

f/2.5; 1/80; ISO 1600

I have wanted to take a picture of Blaise in this outfit for ages. This picture was good focus practice for me. I took about a million shots of her using both centre point focus and recompose and the outer points. Only the centre point had any chance of focusing on her eyes. This is bad for me because I rarely have time to recompose shots of the kids. 

f/1.8; 1/100; ISO 1600

Luckily Bear's eye was in the centre of the frame for this shot. 

f/2; 1/50; ISO 3200

This week's theme in my 52 project is Story Telling. I have a few ideas but little confidence that I can pull them off with the time and light available to me this week. At least it is good to have ideas though. I actually love the concept of Story Telling and have read a few posts on creating good stories in pictures. This one was helpful.

I had my first go this evening. I consider this a first attempt... but not my last. 

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