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Days 203-204/365: Computer Trouble

Gah, our computer is playing up and it is taking forever to do anything. This combined with three kids who need all of my time and attention and a house that is still upside down due to decorating makes for a very unhappy me. Anyway, here are a few pictures from the weekend. I have been really bad about my captions lately. They are all taken at f/2. I have placed the kids closer to the windows which has enabled me to get my ISO down a bit and raise me shutter speed. I have lots and lots of catchlights now. I have spot metering on all the time these days. I am also using centre focus recompose as I have lost all faith in the outer focal points. I'm not happy about it, but there you go.

Day 203

I am loving the new colour in our bedroom. It acts as a much nicer back drop than the yellow. Poor Roo has sore dry lips at the moment.



 Day 204.

Rexy has been dodging the camera a bit lately. I managed to catch a few pictures of him today.

 This is her, I'm cross face. Can you feel it?