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Day 192/365: Sindy

There is a new doll in the house. I managed to win a Sindy doll off eBay last weekend. She has been high on my wish list for a while, so I was delighted to get her. I loved Sindy dolls when I was a child. My mother bought me my first ballerina Sindy long before I was old enough to even play with her. She recalls that she used to love posing the doll on top of the TV when no one was looking. I collected quite a lot of Sindy dolls and accessories during my childhood but then I gave them all away when I was in my teens. I thought that I was finished playing with dolls. That was a mistake! I often thought of my old dolls throughout my 20s and sometimes looked them up on eBay. I never really considered buying one until Bear came along. Somehow the birth of Bear reawakened my "inner girl" and I just had to have my Sindy dolls back. My mother gave me the money to buy a Sindy ballerina identical to my first one. Today I have 5 Sindy dolls and I hope to pick up a few more this year. Of course, my fresh interest in Sindy quickly spilled over into lots of other doll lines too, but that's another story. 

My mother in law bought me this ballerina for Christmas. I love the fact that family have shared in the joy of buying the dolls for me. My father also bought me some. Sindy seems to bring happy memories to many. Bear couldn't believe that she got her hands on my good dolls today. I had an idea that a picture of Bear and Sindy together could fit with the Story Telling theme of the 52 project this week. Unfortunately the light was awful and Bear was not open to any sort of instruction on how to hold the dolls. I don't think that I can risk letting her play with them too often. She is still too young to understand that these dolls are 30 years old and need gentle handling. 

The one in pink is the new one. She is Shaping Up Sindy. I just love how 1980s she is. She has such a sweet face too. Bear has them doing a high five here. 

Bear was just mesmerised by the ballerina. 

This one is potentially my entry for the 52 project. I'll wait and see if anything better crops up during the week. 

A fresh new love affair with Sindy. I think that Bear might need one of her own...